New Pin, New Clothing Catalog Secrets, Ninja Tips and Fairy Play

November 21, 2008 at 7:56 pm Leave a comment

The new Snow Tile pin is at the Beech.


Igloo Catalog Secrets

Click on the Christmas Ribbon for the Leaning Tree.


Click on the Control Terminal for the ‘Welcome’ Mat.


Click on the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.


New Play at The Stage.

There is a secret in the Play catalog.

Click the Tape Player for the Silver Wand.


Ninja Tips

To get all the Belts in Card-Jitsu you need to win games.


Here are estimates for all the Belts.

White belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow belt – Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange belt – Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green belt – Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue belt – Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red belt – Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple belt – Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown belt – Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black belt – Estimated 15-20 more wins.

These are based on Compotition Mode. You can do Compotition Mode by talking to the Sensei and clicking it. You earn more experience in Compotition Mode.

You do not have to do these wins in a row.

How to beat the Sensei

You may think the Sensei is unbeatable. You just have to keep trying.


Even if you lose you will weaken him. It will take a few tries.


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New Ninja Game Cheats New Sports Catalog Secrets and Sensei Revealed

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