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Catchin Waves:

Catchin Waves is the best game for coins. In one game of it i can get 2000+ coins. Dont bother with doing the poxy little tricks on the wave. Once the wave is off the screen do muiltiple tricks while doing backflips/frontflips. Try and keep at least 2 lives all the way to the end so when the wave dissapears near the end you can on purpose crash so you start further back and carry on doing tricks (do this twice if you have 2 lives). This is my best game for coins!

Puffle roundup:

This game is fairly coin efficent but is quite boring. Its rumoured that after 15 minutes of Puffle Roundup you can get 9000 coins. But im not going to test this because its a boring game. If you catch all the puffles between the 85 and 105 mark you will be making a fair amount of money. This game is only for desperate coin needing people!

Cart surfer:

Cart surfer is a strait forward game high-class players earn 400+ coins. This game can also get boring and is not very money efficent. For max points on Cart surfer alternate between SPACE + LEFT ARROW (can be RIGHT ARROW to) if you alternate between these tricks you wil earn the max amout of coins possible. Also when coming up to a turn click DOWN ARROW and whatever way you need to turn and you should grind. This game is fairly fun but not very good for coins!

Aqua Grabber:

This game is fairly fun and rubbish for coins. Always stay near to a air hole on the ocean floor, bring a pink puffle with you or go to the surface for air if your sub begins to fill up with water. All you have to do is collect items and not crash or fill up with air. Overall i find this game fun but not good for coins!

Hydro hopper:

The worst game ever for coins and fun! Its extremely boring as all you have to do is jump over certain items. I nearly fall asleep every time i play it cosiquently i crash and lose all my lives. I would reccomend never even bothering to have a look at this game. Worst game on Club Penguin!

Pizzatron 3000:

A alright game apart from it takes alot of time and effort. An easy tip is not to wait for the pizza to come onto the screen before putting sauce on it, as soon as you have cmpleted a pizza move the sauce quickly round in circle on the page where the pizza enters from. The pizza should have sauce on it when it comes out. Small amount of coins takes lots of time!

Bean counters:

Quite a easy game with mediam amount of money. Try to put bags down when NEXT LEVEL comes up as it gives you bonus points. Also all the items that try to squish you (Anvil,Flower pot and Fish) always fall in the same place. This game is good for very small amounts of money in a short time!

Ice fishing:

Ice fishing is also a good game for small amounts of coins and is fairly fun! At the end keep a fish on you line to use as bait for the mullet. Also if you have the flashing lure for the gray fish, if the grey fish appear at the top of the screen they will go down and if they appear at the bottom of the screen they will go up. You have to be quick to catch the grey fish! Grey fish = 8 coins, Yellow fish = 4 coins and Mullet = 100 coins( i think ).

Mancala/Find Four/Sledging:

All these games CP made purly for playing with others. If you win one of these games you get twenty coins. These games are quite fun because you can play with other people! These games are fun and the worst for coins!

Jetpack Adventure:

Jetpack Adventure is fun and is Good for coins if you know how to do it. The way to make Jetpack Adventure good for coins is by completeing the game without touching a coin this will give you a bonus of 1000 coins at the end. I warn you its very hard not to touch a coin! Fun and can be good for coins!

Thin ice:

Thin ice is a rubbish game for coins and is quite additive. The aim is to melt all the ice on the level. Its easy untill you get to the harder levels. Along the way some wall tiles are not what they seem and you can walk straight through them.

Astro Barrier:

Little coins and quite additive. On the main menu if you click either 1/2 or 3 it will take you to level 10/20 or 30. Also once you have completed level ten and thirty on the page that says click ENTER TO CONTINUE wait for a blue ship to appear then shoot it. You will be taken to the secret expert levels.

I hope these game hints help you! Comment if i have missed any hints!



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  • 1. choosilicious  |  May 25, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Nice list. Here is a detailed cheat for Bean Counters. In the first stage, collect 19 bags one by one and put them on the table by the side. You will get 95 points. After that, collect 5 bags and then click rapidly as you reach the side. You will end up with 208 points insteadif the usual 100.

    Billi4d: Thx. Ill test it later to see if it works.

  • 2. allysmurfy  |  July 13, 2008 at 4:56 am

    i need money thanks

    Billi4d: Your welcome!

  • 3. Lunavine  |  October 31, 2008 at 12:59 am

    i know this is on the wrong profile, but i sent another message to the army page, saying that i want to be a secret ninja. I dunno why it’s not working. it says it’s ‘waiting moderation’ or something.
    but main point is, i wanna be a secret ninja!

  • 4. bluecityfan  |  November 18, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    The catchin waves game is the worst for my coins

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