Mission 7

1) Talk to G. It dosnt matter which option you chose and he will show you how the clock is broken.

2) If you talk again to G he says he wants you to fix the clock.

3) Move on your screen untill you find the gadget room door. Then go in.

4) On the shelf with gadgets on select the Lifeguard rescue tube. Then put it in your ivnentory.

5) Open your map and select the Dock. Talk to the group of penguins from team blue. They will ask you to play a target game.

6) All you have to do is get the target with snowballs. Once you complete the game the penguins give you the red target. Put the target in your inventory and give them the Lifeguard rescue tube.

7) Use your spy phone to go back to the HQ. Talk to G again. Talk to G and ask to use the Electromagnet 3000. Click on the cage with the magnet. G tells you the combination is “Key”. To the left of the door is a decoder which translates words into agent language. Enter “Key” into the machine. Put the code it gves you into the lock.

8) The lock will open. Put the magnet into your inventory.

9) Go to the iceburg. To the left of your screen you will see a ice cube floating with a spring inside it. Use the magnet to pull it in. Put them both into your inventory.

10) Go back to HQ and into the gadget room. Once your in there put the ice cube into the test chamber. Pull the red lever and then the fire button. Once the ice has melted put the spring into your inventory.

11) Go to the town and talk to the penguin there. Ask for the poster of the prime gear. When he gives it to you put it in your inventory.

12) Go to the beech. Talk to the yellow penguin in the chair. He talk about how he gave a yellow puffle a drawing of a chair and the puffle made it. Put the green bucket next to him into your inventory.

13) Go to the snow forts and fill the green bucket with snow.

14) Go to the plaza and into the pizza parlour.

15) Take the sheet of music laying on the floor next to the piano. Put it into your inventory.

16) Go out of the pizza parlour and into the stage. Click on the piano there and put te music sheet on the stand. Click the same keys as it says on the sheet according to colour. The golden/Yellow puffle will come out.

17) Then give the puffle the poster on the gear and the bucket of snow. It will construst a exact replica of the gear. Put it into your inventory.

18) Go back to the gadget room via HQ.

19) Place the replica of the gear into the test chamber and pull the red lever. This time instead of click ing the fire button click the ice button. Pull the lever again and take out the ice gear. Put it into your inventory.

20) Now go back the snow forts and click the clock to get behind it. Put the gear in the middle, the target on the pole and the spring on the upper left. Exit the clock.

21) The sonstruction worker will give a cheer then you will recieve a phone call on your spy phone from the polar bear. He says the clock was a meer distration from his master plan and he will return.

22) Talk to G and exit the mission.

23) Collect your medal and gift!


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