Mission 8

1) Talk to G. Choose any random option.
2) Go to the dock talk to the polarbear (Herbert)
3) Pick up the light by the tunnel then go back to secret agent HQ to talk to G
4) Go to the town and follow the flying bit of map  .
5) Keep following the bit of map to the snow forts.
6) The bit of map will land in the penguins newspaper waiting in the line. Talk to him and he says he would like a pizza but doesnt want to lose his place in the line.
7) Go to the coffee shop and help the coffee penguin clean up the cookies.Get a cookie from him. 8) Go to the lighthouse and talk to the penguin who has the ballons. Take the box of ballons thats next to him.
9) Take a barrel from the other penguin thats in the lighthouse.
10) Take the fishing net.
11) Go back to HQ and pick up the Brown fedora hat and put it into your inventory.
12) Give the puffle at the town the cookie and hat. He will then knock down the other bit of map.
13) Pick up the bit of map and put it with the other bits of map that you have got.
14) Go to HQ. Ask G if you can take the super helium.
15) Go to the underground cave (dock).
16) Follow your map in the tunnels.
17) Shake the barrel of cream soda around. Put it under the gift shop when you see it from underground.
18) Once its been lifted. Go to the hole in the wall and go through it.
19) You will see Herbet there. Listen to him talking. Click on the boiler and connect all the pipes. Put them one end to the other to fix it.
20) Go back to HQ and talk to G.
21) Get you medal. Congratulations you have completed Mission 8!


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